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sugar waxing calgary

Ever felt like shaving was just not the option for you, you hate how many times you nick yourself and how stubbly the skin feels afterwards. No matter the technique of shaving you try, it's just annoying to your senses/sensory nerves how stubbly you feel. Then you feel it poking out of your underwear ugh. Or you're pregnant and are not really ready for the extreme sports you have to get into with trying to shave down there because you can barely see what's going down there, don't worry you don't have to get your partner to shave for you, we can sugar you and you can get finer hairs even after your first session

Our premium body sugaring service in calgary is a great hair removal solution so you can feel less stubbly and itchy. Our specialty brazilian sugaring will have you feeling smooth for days.

  • Sugaring is safe for sensitive skin

  • 100% traditional method of hair removal 

  • It is not applied hot so your skin can stay intact

  • Hair comes back lighter and finer after your first session

  • Can lead to permanency with consistency

  • Pregnant women are always welcome

  • You can have grey hair and still get sugared

    Luxerapy's body sugaring in Calgary, is dedicated to providing a gentle yet effective way to keep the lady parts smooth

At our Body Sugaring lounge in Calgary, we use the best technique to reduce discomfort and we pride ourselves in completing a brazilian in under 20 minutes

Why You Should Consider Body Sugaring vs Shaving at our Calgary Sugaring Lounge 

sugar wax calgary
sugaring near me

No more ingrown hairs that you have to always pick out with your tweezers

No more shaving mishaps that get you questioning your past decisions

No more having to shave every 2 days, You can be hair free for up to 3 weeks 

You can now enjoy wearing your favourite bikini while on vacation

No more feeling like scratching in public from annoying stubbles

Enjoy smooth, hair free skin for longer

You can now spend time focusing on more fun self care rituals like baths, facials, massages and probably even dry brushing.

Rediscovering traditional hair removal methods

Why You Need to Start Sugaring at our Sugaring lounge in Calgary?


sugaring in calgary
  • A lot of our private clients make their way back to us every 3 weeks. Yep, sugaring’s that addictive. 9 months down the line, many of our clients are noticing bald spots and less ingrown hairs

  • Once you experience the joy of a sugared bikini, there's no turning back. You’ll be left craving that silky sensation. And your partner? They’ll be left scratching their head, wondering how you always pull off that effortlessly smooth look without the drama of razor cuts and those pesky bumps.

  • Made with sugar, lemon, and water, sugaring is like a gentle caress for your skin, according to our clients, sugaring is way kinder than wax. It's perfect for sensitive spots and works by pulling hair in its growth direction. That means fewer ingrowns and zero irritations.

  • We specialize in brazilian sugaring for women who are looking to switch from shaving, using nair and waxing. You don't have to experience the stubbles and inconsistency of shaving. We know you don't like having to pick up your razor every couple days to shave. 

Are you tired of dealing with the pain and irritation that often comes with traditional hair removal methods?

Look no further than sugaring, the magical solution for smooth and silky bikini and underarms.

At our Calgary sugaring lounge, sugaring also known as sugar waxing has quickly gained popularity as a natural and effective alternative to waxing and shaving.

With its gentle formula and minimal side effects, it's no wonder why more and more people are embracing this traditional hair removal technique.

Unlike other manual hair removal methods, sugaring not only removes hair from the root but also exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

The all-natural ingredients used in sugaring paste, such as sugar, lemon, and water, It is not applied hot, making it safe for sensitive skin and reduce the risk of irritation and redness.

Moreover, sugaring can lead to long-lasting results, as it can weaken the hair follicles over time, resulting in finer regrowth.

If you're searching for an alternative hair removal method to waxing, lasers and shaving that is more gentle yet still effective, and high quality look no further than sugaring. Experience the magic of sugaring and embrace smooth and silky skin like never before.

Is Sugaring and Sugar Waxing for you?

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

This was my first time sugaring and it won’t be the last. Sameerah is super friendly, reassuring and just makes you feel comfortable. All of my questions were answered and she gives the best advice. If you’re looking for a wonderful aesthetician look no further. She provides services for all your skin care needs as well.

Nereen G.

I highly recommend Luxerapy for any sugaring or skincare needs! Sameerah has been amazing since I started going to her over 2 years ago. I always feel at home and fall asleep during facials/lashing since I'm so relaxed. She is very attentive to everyone's skin needs and tailors her approach accordingly. She also recommends skincare products that work well. 10/10!

Shelli W.

I’ve been going to Luxerapy for a couple of years now and I always leave her feeling like a new woman. She consistently provides excellent customer and quality services. She is timely, friendly and the aesthetician everybody needs to experience and know.

Kemi A.

Get ready to experience the smoothest and most luxurious hair removal treatment in Calgary with the magic of sugaring.

Say goodbye to razor burns, ingrown hairs, and harsh chemicals, and say hello to silky-smooth skin that lasts longer and has you feeling comfortable raising your arms and saying "yay!!" after landing the best presentation at work

At Luxerapy in Calgary, we are passionate about providing you with the best hair removal experience using all-natural ingredients and techniques that have been used for centuries.

Our expert esthetician will skillfully apply a warm sugar paste to your skin, gently removing unwanted hair from the root.

The process is safe, effective, and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Not only does sugaring leave your skin irresistibly smooth, but it also exfoliates and softens, leaving your skin feeling and looking its best.

With continued treatments, you may even notice a reduction in hair growth over time.

Join us at Luxerapy and unlock the magic of sugaring for hair removal in Calgary. Embrace the natural, gentle, and effective alternative to traditional hair removal methods, and indulge in the luxurious experience your skin deserves. Say hello to smooth and silky skin today!

Gentle and Comfortable Sugaring Experience in Calgary

sugaring hair removal calgary


Your first brazilian with Luxerapy - $100

Initial Consult, Brazilian, Lower Stomach & Backside/Cheeks

calgary sugaring

Your first brazilian + Underarms with Luxerapy - $120

Initial Consult, Brazilian, Underarms, Lower Stomach & Backside/Cheeks


Our Sugaring Services in Calgary


Come in every 3 weeks and become a regular, you get to save $20 on your brazilian sessions and $ 20 on Brazilian + Underarm sessions. That's $80 for brazilian maintenance and $100 for braz + underarms!! How amazing! 

Sugaring with us is not one a and done  deal, our clients who see results are able to see the results from staying coming in every 3 weeks! Yes its that good and you will be addicted to it as soon as you start. 


Our process is aimed to make you feel comfortable as soon as you get on the treatment bed to when you leave

  1. Please review our FAQ guide to make sure your questions are answered

  2. Once you are ready. click the book button to schedule your initial session. 

  3. Get familiar with our policies. All required form will be completed in person.

  4. If you're coming in while on your period, remember to have a tampon in. Sugaring the week after your period usually feels less uncomfortable than while you're on or a week before. However, if you don't mind getting sugared, we don't mind either. 

  5. When you arrive for your appointment, we get you changed into a warm towel and perform a skin analysis where we understand your hair growth pattern and any last minute questions

  6. The thought of getting sugared alone is always worse than the feeling of getting sugared. With this in mind, we ease you into it and address any concerns

  7. Prior to us saying goodbye, we provide you with personalized guide on how to maintain your skin until we see you again.

  8. We believe in mutual fit. This is a partnership. If our treatment aligns with your expectations and needs, we create a plan for future appointments 

  9. Every 3 weeks, the process gets easier, you get 30 minutes to yourself, uninterrupted. You get to relax, have someone listen and just be

body sugaring calgary

If you are READY to:

Stop shaving

Be hair free for 3-4 weeks

Stay consistent to your 3 week maintenance routine

Do the necessary aftercare routine

Prebook future appointments,

Then you are an awesome fit and we would love to have you!




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